Patient Resources

Patients should take an active role in their healthcare by not only working with their physicians to monitor their health, but by becoming educated about important advancements in medicine including routine screening technologies, surgical techniques, and treatment options.

At Foxhall Surgical Associates, P.C. we strive to stay on the cutting edge of medicine and to educate our patients. In order to assist our patients we have developed and compiled the following resources from our physicians:

  • Breast Health Information

    • Annual Mammography - our physicians recommendations for routine breast cancer screening, information on the new digital mammography technology, and getting a diagnostic versus a screening mammogram

    • Annual Breast Evaluation Procedure - What to do when your annual breast exam is due including: scheduling a mammogram, getting a mammogram order, and scheduling a physical breast exam

  • Routine Colonoscopy Screening Guidelines - our physicians recommendations for routine colonoscopy as well as setting up your screening colonoscopy with one of our providers

  • Online Resources - list of useful websites for all patients ranging from surgical procedures, health insurance resources, and obesity help, to cancer information, breast cancer support groups and general health guidelines